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Why I Hoard and How I Stay Young

July 14, 2012

It’s been a week and I’m still working on my daily flower projects. Some of them will carry over into larger things later on. I’m having fun using some of the yarn, paper, buttons, thread, fabric, paints, books, ribbon and you name its that I’ve been collecting for years.

Sunday July8th, I made this frame with some paper die cuts.  It adds a nice bit of color to my cluttered studio.

Monday, I made some fabric flowers. White wedding roses and a pretty pink plaid posy. Now I know why I picked up that bag of buttons at that quilt show. There were perfect little rose centers in there.














Tuesday, I just had enough time to make two pansies out of wired ribbon. Pansies are one of my favorite flowers.




Wednesday, I used the pretty posy on a denim purse and then got a little carried away and embellished it with some more crocheted flowers and  bird and birdhouse beads, more of those little things I’ve collected over the years.

Thursday, I took out my felt drawer and made some flowers with simple shapes and running stitches. Then I discovered that my die cutting machine will cut felt! So I made flower parts in every color of felt I have.

On Friday, I finally took the time to do something I have planned to do for years. I put a flower on my kitchen garbage can. I was going to paint it on but I really like this sunflower picture so I used decoupage instead.

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