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4 Weeks of Polymer Clay and Where I Went With It

July 2, 2012

I spent the month of June learning about polymer clay. Here is my second try at making characters for my son’s wedding cake.

These lacrosse sticks are what started me using polymer clay. I needed a stick for a doll I made and couldn’t find one, so I made it myself. The first one uses a pencil for the stick and the second one is a  charm made with a toothpick encased in clay. It would just about fit into the head of the larger one.

I seem to keep coming back to my quilting roots.

Lessons learned in this clay adventure.

1. Clay changes color when you bake it. My white became transparent in these blocks, but for some reason, the wedding dress I made stayed opaque. Usually though, the color is darker after baking.

2. Soft clay is easy to work with and blend, but I think I’ll try a harder clay for things like miniature furniture.

3. I definitely want to stick to my fiber arts. Clay is fun, and it’s a nice break in my routine, but I’ll usually choose fabric or yarn if  that’s a choice.

4. Two really good books for  beginning clay artists. Both have tons of information, pictures and inspiration.

“Making Doll’s House Miniatures With Polymer Clay” by Sue Heaser

“How to Make Clay Characters” by Maureen Carlson

And here are some amazing works I found on artfire and etsy. These people are truly artists. Click on the pictures to find even more wonderful clay art.

I am even more in awe of Mayvar’s work than I was before I started this adventure.

How clever is this idea from Starlessclay on etsy?

Look at the size of this character from Magicbyleah on artfire.

I want this flower garden for the doll house I some day hope to have. It was made by Creativecritters on artfire.

And here is a good place to announce my theme for the month of July.  “Flowers Every Day”  In the spirit of the 365 Days of Creativity challenge that inspired this whole thing, I plan on making some kind of flower every day in July.  I can think of  so many ways to create flowers, beads, fabric, yarn, feathers, clay, pencils and paper, food. Now I can’t promise that I’ll get to posting here every day, but I’ll try. And since today is the first day of July, I’d better get going on its flower.

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  1. July 2, 2012 4:57 pm

    It is so amazing what they can make with this clay! How they make these tiny figures is beyond me. Very nice! 🙂

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