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My Landscape, Step Two

July 31, 2010

After a few days of mulling, I’ve decided to make a quilt of my own personal landscape, from the eyes of my cat. The next step was to draw up an idea of what I have in mind. You can see I’m not good at drawing, but wait ’til you see what I can do with fabric!

Next comes the fabric choices. Since flowers are involved, the hand dyeds are a must. I want to add a brick patio, so I have a few reds to choose from. There are stones in my plan and I found the perfect gray and black fabric. I actually bought it for a space quilt that I made, but it has some perfect stone patterns in it.

Now a few more decisions need to be made. The size of this quilt is dictated by the width of the blue fabric I chose for the sky. It’s about 25 inches wide, so there you go. If I make it 25 by 20 inches I can use five inch blocks for a frame that I have in mind. That was easy. The background is finished. I used simple straight edge piecing which will be covered up and softened a little in the next step. Now to decide what kind of applique to use.

This dragonfly hopped into my mind as I worked. I guess I’ll have to find a spot for dragonflies in my landscape.

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