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Keeping Traditions

November 25, 2009

I have my own Christmas tradition that started out as a Thanksgiving Day tradition. When I was young my mother would have Thanksgiving dinner for about twenty something family members, many of whom were young children up to teenagers. To keep us all busy and out of the way, each child received a Christmas coloring book and a pack of 8 crayons as they walked in the door. We looked forward to new books every year, and not having to share our crayons (most of us had 3 or 4 siblings) was bliss. This tradition was carried on with my own sons. There came a year when they were simply too grown up for coloring books, I think they were late into their teens. I however, wasn’t grown up enough to give it up, so that year, I took out my colored pencils and a rubber stamp and the Christmas card creation was born. From that year on, I have made my own Christmas cards. Each year I come up with a theme or image that I like and I create it,  sometimes with fabric, sometimes paints or colored papers. One year I saved up all the thin plastic I could find and made flat snowglobes with recycled Christmas cards. I’ve used snowmen (my favorite) and snow angels and quilt blocks as themes. This year I’m going to play around with water colors and see what happens. The point is, I get to be that little girl again. Even when I’m sitting alone with my own version of coloring book and crayons, the tradition lives on.

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